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How to get & keep clients: 5 crucial elements

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Focusing on acquiring new customers, we often pay less attention to maintaining good relationships with acquired customers. We forget that they have unused potential. A customer who has already made a purchase is easier to convince to buy again because we trust him. So how to effectively keep customers with you and use the confidence you have gained?


Personalized communication


Customers like to meet them. On the website, the ideal solution is, therefore, to implement a live chat software, thanks to which you can immediately offer help to the interested person and answer the questions that are on his mind.

Due to lack of time, you will often direct the message to the public. However, you need to find a moment for the most loyal recipients of your offer. However, before you talk to them directly on social media, get a good look at their history so as not to include a mishap. In relation to regular and returning customers, try to arrange a Skype call or organize a one-on-one meeting. Shorten the distance between the online and offline world whenever the opportunity arises.

Competiton analysis


If your competition is doing much better than you, and thus provides similar services, but with higher quality, at a lower price, offers better customer service or overtakes you in other important aspects - in this case, you have no right to blame anyone, that your company's number of clients is starting to decrease in favor of competition. Theoretically, this is a truism, but many companies have a real problem with it.


You can lower the price, but instead you can also offer better services, higher quality or compete with every other possible aspect. In this way, you will ensure that not only your existing customers will stay with you, but also you will gain new ones. In addition, it is important in itself to respond to competitors' activities, especially in the context of the most aware target groups.

Use remarketing


Many recipients will come to your site, say that it's pretty cool all in all, the products are also good, but they won't complete the transaction. That's what we have remarketing for. Someone has already bought something from you before, but for some time is not your customer. Perhaps it is for the reasons mentioned above? When he could buy something from you, he had a good reason not to do it, and then he simply forgot.


Remind your existence with remarketing, which works on a simple principle. Someone visiting your site receives a cookie. Thanks to it, when it leaves your site, it will display ads that will encourage you to return to the site and use the services or buy the product.

Affiliate marketing


If you have a limited budget for customer acquisition, affiliate marketing can be a good idea. In this model you do not incur costs, because you pay only commission fee from the acquired, paying client, so this marketing is not risky. It is a model of promotion of products and services of all kinds, which allows partners to earn from selling what is advertised. These activities are aimed at acquiring new customers and maintaining good relations with existing ones.

This marketing is based on the fact that the advertiser, also called the seller, delegates the execution of marketing activities to numerous marketers independent of him, i.e. partners. In return for their commitment, time spent on affiliation and the results obtained, the latter are rewarded.


As part of affiliate marketing, you can acquire customers, sell products and services, increase the reach of your offer to a specific target group, as well as obtain full contact details of potential customers. These are not easy goals to achieve, but affiliate marketing really allows you to achieve them, but in such cases, you need to reach the desired audience very precisely and use an affiliate management software to keep your efforts on track.

  affiliate management software

affiliate management software

Content creation

If you want your clients to stay with you, first of all, you must remind them of your existence, regularly appear in their consciousness, refresh your self-image. Creating great content is perfect for this role. Especially if they are not just super funny memes that will appear in the recipient's mind for a few minutes and then disappear from it forever. Good content that helps build lasting relationships with your clients are valuable articles that solve real problems of the recipients, interesting videos where you transfer valuable knowledge and so on.