Thursday, 16 July 2020 15:51

3 tips before you hire a web development company

web development company web development company

Before you decide on a specific web development company, check what to look for before making such a decision. Remember that choosing a good development company can make your website a transparent, readable, and recognizable showcase of your company on the Internet. Get Ready!


1. Check if the web development company competencies match your projects

It is often the case that you try to estimate the reputation of a given web development company taking into account the amount of time in which they operate in their industry. Yes, seniority is important, but more important are the individual skills and predispositions of key programmers who will be involved in creating a website for your company. Think about what key competencies you expect from a development company. 


Do you want, for example, that the company approaches the project holistically and offers you comprehensive project management, or do you prefer to take an active part in conversations and plans and can't imagine not talking to the client at least once a week? Or maybe you are most interested in creative ideas that a web development company might propose? Regardless of what your priority is, try to make sure that the company meets your expectations ( more )

2. Check portfolio, ask, verify

Read all the important information on the company's website and see if the general direction corresponds to what you want to have on your website. Do not worry if you do not understand something or something is completely unclear to you. Write the questions you want to ask in sub-sections and call or use the video conference with the web development company of your choice. Thanks to this, from the very beginning you will be able to check how you will work with your potential web development company. Thus, you will eliminate the majority of potential failures that could happen if communication with the web development company was not satisfactory for you.

More important is what learned or skills and creative approach?

This question may seem strange but think about it a little longer. If you are 100% convinced of one action plan that can be implemented, e.g. using only one coding language of your choice, then look for a company that has specialized in using this particular programming language. There is no point in looking for a flexible web development company that will give you new ideas, constantly develop, and learn new technologies. Remember, however, that in technology space, skills need to be refreshed very often. Some technological solutions become obsolete after two years and it would be worth replacing them with new ones. 

You can hire a web development company that gladly submits new ideas, initiates meetings and learns new skills, and at the same time presents a good level of basic skills. Do you want to check whether a given web development company is constantly developing and whether its developers are constantly developing, then you can ask them a question, e.g. where do they get knowledge about technological innovations or which scientific conferences bring them the newest knowledge on technology.