Wednesday, 29 July 2020 07:54

Improve sales in 2020: 5 methods you should not underestimate

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The process of increasing online sales is directly related to technological trends and consumer expectations. High competition on the market makes it necessary to implement innovative solutions that will be attractive to the client. The digital market is constantly developing its possibilities and gives new ones, so that communication with the client is faster, more attractive and contributes directly or indirectly to conversion.


What is worth paying attention to when improving sales in your business?

The customer should understand the service himself

If in your company you need to talk to a salesperson to understand exactly the product or service - you are making a huge mistake. Clients are getting younger and less willing to make an appointment just to understand what the cooperation will look like. They are more likely to contact the company that gave them this knowledge, for example on a website.

Take care of the website - it's your business card

The basis of successful online sales is an intuitive and clear website. It should present the products we sell in an appealing way. The landing page should contain a clearly visible company logo, well-written and placed headlines and a brief summary of the most important values ​​of the store. In turn, product photos should present them in the best possible version. Nobody will buy a good product if their photos are unattractive. Therefore, a good idea to increase sales is to refresh the appearance of the online store and improve its effectiveness in terms of SEO. It is worth employing specialists who will examine the effectiveness of our website in this respect.

Solve problems instead of creating them

It's about being helpful to the customer in every way possible. Customers call the company frequently for various reasons. Sometimes they really want to buy something, but in various industries the majority of phones may be caused by other issues - each of them is a specific customer problem for which he wants to find a solution. Sometimes it may be a problem with the invoice, other times with transport, or it may be calling due to a technical fault. It happens that the client chooses the wrong option in IVR Instead of calling the customer service department, he will call the sales department by phone. In this case, your salespeople should be open to helping the customer.

Newsletters are not passe at all!

The newsletter will help increase sales in the e-shop

Despite many changes in e-commerce, newsletters still remain one of the most effective methods of driving sales in online stores. Running campaigns based on them, however, requires building addresses of people potentially interested in our offer. These are best obtained on the store's website. To encourage customers to leave their email, it's best to offer them a discount on their next purchase or access to useful content (for example, in the form of an e-book).

Leverage social media

Social commerce has been a hot topic lately. Social media has a lot of sales potential and can produce great results if you use it the right way. Be active, respond to the needs of your recipients, build a dedicated community and ... see the results!

You can use social media management tools to plan your activities as effectively as possible.

High-quality content that will also appeal to the recipients' tastes is one of the foundations of effective sales in social media. It is through the content and the way it is communicated on social media that you build the foundations of relationships with your recipients.

If with their help you manage to hit the interests of recipients, solve their problems, amuse them, and in addition significantly expand the scope of knowledge on the topic that interests them, they will most likely become your customers.

Of course, it is much easier to describe how the dream content should look like and what the delivery of such content to recipients will translate into, and it is definitely more difficult to create one.