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Dating games - read this before you call a woman

Dating phone games Dating phone games

If you know how to pick up a woman and you got her phone number, that's fantastic. This is where a dating game begins. Here is some advice how not to make some common mistakes when picking up a woman over the phone. This refers also to texting and chatting on the Internet. Take the advice and you won't strike out.Do not use a phone to gossip with a woman


Do not use a phone to gossip with a woman

Do not call or chat to her on Facebook, just to chat unless you have a really interesting topic. Your goal is to meet her, not chat over the phone.

Call her relatively quickly and get to the point

If you got her number, don't call her for the first time in any other purpose than to ask her out. If you don't know when to call her, do it no later than one or two days after getting her number.

Speak slowly so that you don't sound desperate

Speak slowly and clearly. Do not speak too fast like a machine gun - she will not understand what you're saying.

Speak calmly and clearly

When you speak to a woman, you cannot sound like a robot. Your voice should sound relaxed. Do not make a big deal out of it ( )
Before you call her, imagine that you're calling one of 100 cool girls that you like and that want to go out with you. This attitude will help you relax and sound more natural.

Do not leave voice mail

Never leave any voice mail, first of all because most of people don't check it, secondly because women will not call you back. It's you who should make sure to call her and have an actual conversation.

Do not call or contact her too often

A lot of guys ask 'how often can I text or call her?'. The answer is simple: less often than she does.
Don't text her every hour saying 'I love you' because even if in the beginning she'll think it's sweet, later she'll find it annoying. Contact her only when you have to or when you have some urgent matter. If she doesn't pick up her phone, don't panic. Maybe she just can't answer it at the moment. If she still doesn't pick up, don't call her more than twice a day (4-5 hour break in between). Alternatively, if you text, don't do it for longer than 30 minutes.

Finish the conversation before she does it

Always be the first one to finish the conversation especially if it's going really well. We know it sounds a bit strange, but trust us: you should end it first. Your goal is a live meeting, so if you get her interested and excited on the phone, she'll like to meet you to continue the conversation. Use the technique: 'Two steps ahead, one step back'.

If you have an opportunity, take her email address. A lot of women give out her phone number and then they complain that somebody constantly texts or calls her, yet she still replies or answers her phone. Email will give you more personal approach and you will avoid queuing with five other guys for her attention.

If she likes talking to you on the phone, but she doesn't want to meet, seducing her is pointless. Don't waste time on virtual romance. Say 'Hi, you seem very interesting. Why don't we meet for a coffee to meet and get to know each other better' - if she wants to meet, she's interested. If not - don't waste your time.