Saturday, 17 October 2020 11:12

Distance learning has become new support for students

new support for students new support for students

Despite the bold efforts of educationists, many students are still trying to connect with their peers and teachers. It was decided to connect the students with an interconnected web of positive relationships which is the basis of healthy youth development.

Access to this network will have "persons on the ground", caregivers, parents, and neighbors who are ready to offer support. It is a proven crucial component of effective distance learning. Approximately 75 percent of curators prepared different forms of distance learning. They ensure that a well-connected network from school and home is capable of providing the basis for success. Building those web requires identifying the persons in the student's network. The relationship mapping strategy is the method that schools use to evaluate and improve the level of education ( ) and culture.
This method allows teachers to plot more concise connections between learners and adult persons in the school. Analyzing the responses of adults and students next to each other we can create the stable fundament of relationships of adults and students. Since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, the Association of Schools elaborated on the variety of programs for students using the method of distance learning.

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