• MABI Robotic's Milling Robots - Precision Engineering for Modern Manufacturing

    In the dynamic field of industrial manufacturing, precision and adaptability are key to maintaining competitive advantage. MABI Robotic has established itself as a pioneer in this sector with its specialized range of high-precision milling robots, equipped with advanced technologies that cater to both additive and subtractive CNC applications. The introduction of secondary encoders on all axes of its robots ensures that MABI Robotic offers solutions that lead the market in accuracy and efficiency. Read More
  • The Dispute Over Apple's Dominance

    In light of the recent lawsuit by the US Department of Justice, Apple, one of the world's most innovative tech companies, has found itself at the center of a debate over market dominance boundaries. Accusations of monopolizing the smartphone market by Apple have sparked a wide discussion about the balance between innovation and competition. This situation sheds new light on the company's practices, which for years have attracted both admiration and criticism. Read More
  • Saudi Arabia inaugurates the world’s first Dragon Ball theme park

    Shortly after the death of Akira Toriyama, the legendary "Dragon Ball" universe will find its place in the real world - the globe's first theme park dedicated to this series is set to be established in Saudi Arabia. The centerpiece of this ambitious project will be the world of Son Goku, the hero with extraordinary martial arts skills on a quest to find the seven magical orbs that summon a wish-granting dragon. Read More
  • Pioneering Demonstration of Skills by a Neuralink Patient

    At the center of attention was Noland Arbaugh, who, thanks to the Neuralink chip, can control a computer game directly with his mind. Arbaugh, who became paralyzed after an accident, became the first person to demonstrate the potential of this technology in practice. His ability to interact with a computer through thoughts without using physical controllers is a significant step forward in the field of brain-computer interfaces. Read More
  • Creating a Memorable Coloring Day for Kids

    In today's fast-paced world, where screens often dominate children's leisure time, finding activities that foster creativity and relaxation is essential. Organizing a delightful coloring day for kids can be a perfect solution. It not only provides a break from technology but also encourages artistic expression and imaginative play. If you're looking to plan a wonderful coloring day for your little ones, here are some tips and tricks to make it truly special. Read More
  • Grodzisk Mazowiecki - small Polish city with big aspiration in table tennis!

    Located in the Masovian Voivodeship in Poland, Grodzisk Mazowiecki is a small town with a big passion for table tennis. With a population of around 30,000, it might seem like just any other small city, but it is home to a renowned table tennis team KS DARTOM BOGORIA Grodzisk Mazowiecki. The team has achieved numerous successes in international tournaments and has gained recognition both international and nationally.  Read More
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Thursday, 01 October 2020 16:55

Why is proper room soundproofing so important?

Soundproofing a room with acoustic panels is now an increasingly common when creating home studios by musicians and streamers. No sounds should leave the room or come inside, which is very important when recording audio and video materials. Why is it worth soundproofing a room and what are the differences between the different types of acoustic panels?

Wednesday, 16 September 2020 14:58

How to deal with devices in unstable networks

There is a large selection of wireless communication interfaces in IoT technology used for wireless data transmission. Most of them, unfortunately, suffer from numerous disadvantages, such as short range, relatively low speed (compared to the cable network) or less secure transmission. This is why it is necessary for wireless networks to be properly managed.

The website design plot is in constant motion and is still evolving. Sometimes these are changes that you can observe overnight, and sometimes they are long-term processes that you will only notice after a while. What is certain is that these changes will probably never stop. Below we present you 3 trends that will surely affect web design in 2020!

The process of increasing online sales is directly related to technological trends and consumer expectations. High competition on the market makes it necessary to implement innovative solutions that will be attractive to the client. The digital market is constantly developing its possibilities and gives new ones, so that communication with the client is faster, more attractive and contributes directly or indirectly to conversion.

Before you decide on a specific web development company, check what to look for before making such a decision. Remember that choosing a good development company can make your website a transparent, readable, and recognizable showcase of your company on the Internet. Get Ready!

Focusing on acquiring new customers, we often pay less attention to maintaining good relationships with acquired customers. We forget that they have unused potential. A customer who has already made a purchase is easier to convince to buy again because we trust him. So how to effectively keep customers with you and use the confidence you have gained?