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3 best web design trends you need to know in 2020

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The website design plot is in constant motion and is still evolving. Sometimes these are changes that you can observe overnight, and sometimes they are long-term processes that you will only notice after a while. What is certain is that these changes will probably never stop. Below we present you 3 trends that will surely affect web design in 2020!


1. Helpful VUI technology

VUI, or Voice User Interface, is a modern technology through which a person can interact with the appropriate computer software or relevant websites by voice. Voice technology works when the computer can register, understand and respond to the quoted statement following the operating software. Maybe not this year, but certainly soon, VUI will improve the quality of UX, which will certainly support efficient navigation through the websites of the online store and improve the shopping process. If you want to learn more on this topic and want to improve the operation of your website, be sure to contact a proven web development company that will help you in this matter.

2. Developing AI and contextual technology

Artificial intelligence has been developing dynamically for some time, and it is developing on many different levels, including the area of web design.

AI helps web designers to some extent automate certain aspects of web design - it certainly speeds up the page development process and gives web designers more free time to tweak the details of a website. At this time, AI deals with a specific, narrower design mode.

Besides, artificial intelligence can also be used to personalize the user experience that comes to your website. By using AI in contextual technology, you will make your website even more human. 

Contextual technology efficiently combines the user's needs with modern technology and provides him with tailored to his preferences and needs, all according to the circumstances of his visit. It follows that the content and appearance of the website may vary depending on many variables, for example:

  • the operating system selected by the user,

  • user language,

  • its location,

  • date or time.

Also, artificial intelligence and structural technology will provide 24/7 chatbot support for your customers. See also -

3. Data collection will be useful in designing new solutions

Modern websites can quickly and efficiently collect data about the behavior of users. You can use them - as described in the paragraph above - e.g. by using contextual technology. The method of collecting and processing data from users will significantly affect website design in 2020. You probably have already realized that more and more interesting projects are based on information collected from users. Collecting relevant data, consciously processing it, and using the conclusions drawn from the analysis will offer you many new, interesting perspectives. Start the changes by carrying out more and more functionality tests. This will give you feedback on how users react to individual changes. Use this knowledge to create new website designs.

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